MVP Blueprint

We work closely with you to analyze your complex ideas and turn them into a comprehensive MVP Blueprint. Our blueprint includes the following items:

  1. Glossary of business terminology
  2. Interactive wireframe
  3. Backing data model
  4. Proposed technology stack for the product
  5. Software delivery and distribution plan
  6. Feature breakdown with high level estimations

Software Development

You've already done the due diligence to design and prototype your product. Now you need a team of developers! We join or become your software team to quickly scale up your development capabilities. We bring our approach to Agile software development and continuous delivery which includes the following services:

  1. Backlog review of stories, bugs and tasks
  2. High level story estimation and prioritization
  3. Continuous feedback to help improve team effectiveness
  4. Software development of features and bug fixes

Project Rescue & Recovery

We help you observe, evaluate and address issues your software team is experiencing in the development and delivery of software features critical to your business.
We start by embedding with your team to get direct insight into your software and team dynamics. During this time we review the following:

  1. Technology stack
  2. Code quality
  3. Automated test quality
  4. Development process
  5. Software delivery pipeline
  6. Team culture

We provide a detailed report of our findings, from the above review, along with a Project Rescue and Recovery Proposal to help your software team and your business get back on track. This proposal includes the following:

  1. Technology stack improvement and migration plan
  2. Feedback and suggestions for code quality
  3. Automated test quality score
  4. Recommendations for development process improvements
  5. Suggestions for code refactoring or micro service extraction
  6. Software delivery pipeline evaluation and improvement plan
  7. Team culture evaluation that details the strengths and areas of improvement that we see from your team
  8. Long term software support and maintenance plan

Once our proposal has been received and accepted then we offer our Software Development and Delivery services for your business.