Beginning Something New

By Jason Berry
December 17, 2023

Introduction to Jason Berry & Vivi Dynamics

I'm a career software developer with more than a decade of work experience, and have been lucky enough to work with many wonderful people who care deeply about the craft of high-quality software development. I learned so much about the development process, from idea inception to wire-framing, software development, and application delivery.

After years of mastering the craft, I was still left with the feeling that I have not been working towards the future that I had envisioned as a young adult. I had ideas for how technology would develop and benefit the world. I spent a lot of time in college working with the "Center for Entrepreneurship" to make business plans for my ideas and learn how to bring those ideas to life. I felt like I had abandoned these ideals of mine in the process of focusing on my career. So, I decided that it was finally time to take what I've learned and apply it in areas that I see fit.

I've always been a bit of an idealist and an aspiring inventor. While software allows me to invent on a day-to-day basis, it's very rare when you actually get to use and appreciate your inventions for yourself. I have always had a desire to invent new technologies that solve fundamental problems facing humanity in the modern era. Given my experience and ambition, I feel that I'm in a unique position to take my skills and apply them towards these goals.

As a Company, Where Are We Now?

We operate as a small, tight-knit software development team that partners with small to medium-sized companies to develop new products, maintain and iterate on existing products, and provide level 3 technical support when production issues and unique customer problems arise. We have a track record of delivering quality software to drive their businesses by working very closely with the stakeholders and customers of our partners so that we understand the business through and through. Check out our service offerings here.


I founded this company with the goal of trailblazing new, game-changing technologies that benefit humanity on planet Earth and on new worlds long into the future.

Vivi Dynamics will become a leader in technological innovations in the next decade.

How Are We Going to Achieve Our Goals

While we help our clients realize their lofty goals, we are also working in parallel towards our own. This means that we embrace the ideas of our employees and our partners to discover new opportunities that we can explore together.

The technology industry is moving very quickly towards AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) research and development projects. We predict that many companies will come and go in the next couple of years, which will result in fewer unicorns than what were born from the last paradigm shift in technology (the ubiquitous accessibility of the smartphone and social media). This volatility will be challenging for our partners to navigate, but we will be there every step of the way to guide them through the noise and confusion in order to stay competitive.

In short, we are going to keep doing what we do best while adapting to the changing terrain of software development in the age of large language models and the promise of artificial general intelligence.